Lets skate has been remastered and has been re-released in the UK / London by ZR Records.

Available on a two CD compilation album called the
"Soul of Disco", Volume 3, by Joey Negro

Heaven is pronounced as "Cielo" in the Italian language.  Chailo, a musical band formed in 1976, took it's name from this translation, as it exemplified all the beauty and infinite wonder encompassed in the gift of music.  The band Chailo, entertained multitude of people while enduring over 20 years of performing and recording in the ever changing moods of popular music.  They possessed the unique ability to transmit the love and warmth for what they do, directly to their audiences.  As a spin-off of the original six-piece group, another musical entity was formed by the nucleus of Chailo; appropriately named "LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN".  The trio of three lead vocalists and multi-instrumentalists retains the same smooth harmonies and energetic showmanship that made Chailo so successful.  Over the years Chailo developed a tremendous following as they evolved from Rock & Roll club band to Las Vegas show group, from High-Energy Disco to the recording industry.  Some of Chailo's milestone accomplishments were as follows:

  -  Selected as one of the winners of the WNBC "Hometown Album", in New York.
  -  Winners in the American Song Festival.
  -  Entertained at the International Hilton, the Stardust, the Aladdin, and the Sahara Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  -  Produced and recorded three albums.
  -  Performed in concert with such talents as The Tramps, Gloria Gaynor, Linda Glifford and Stephanie Mills.
  -  Celebrated their 20th anniversary with an outdoor concert; all proceeds given to the "Children's Cancer Fund".

"LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN" redirects all the talent, ability and years of experience developed by brothers Sal and Mike Catapano and Paul Kothe into a new and different production of sight and sound.  You won't believe your eyes, and the music: it's better than you can remember it.Their musical repertoire spans six decades from the swing of the 1940's Big Bands to the current Techno-Pop of the 90's. They have an uncanny gift in the ability to cater to all types of audiences.

Welcome to "A Little Bit of Heaven"

we're your band for all occassions